What makes the OSH special?

Innovative research based early years curriculum
We plan and provide a rich and stimulating range of activities that are superbly tailored towards each child’s individual interests and abilities. We believe that effective learning supports positive health and wellbeing, and that positive health and wellbeing supports effective learning. The two work hand in hand and are given equal status. That’s why we’ve created our own research-based curriculum. 
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Integrated approach to positive health and wellbeing 
We recognise that children’s well-being and future development is dependent on having high staff well-being and an emotionally positive environment. We work hard with our staff teams to ensure that they have the knowledge and ability to provide the kind of support, including consistent healthy living messages that help children and families to achieve the most positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

Inspirational leadership and management
Our managers have a clear focus and passionate drive to provide exemplary care and education to all children and are enabled and empowered to respond immediately to each child’s and families changing needs. We are passionate about supporting our staff to be the best they can be by building on the strengths of our entire workforce.

Model of excellence in early years provision
We believe that early years education should nourish and facilitate children’s love of learning. We never rest on our laurels and continue to challenge and search for better ways of doing things that are based on new ideas and research. Our goal is to ensure that the OSH continues to grow, flourish and offer unrivalled facilities and services to children and families in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. 

Outstanding partnership with parents
We recognise that our parents are the first and foremost educators in each child’s life and our team will always go the extra mile to support you. We aim to work hand in hand with you to create a place that feels right for you and your child and to maintain consistency between nursery and home. Information sharing is key and your ideas; thoughts and opinions will always matter to us.


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