Parents as partners

Integral to the way we work at OSHN is the inclusion of parents in every aspect of their child's well-being and development.

We believe it is critical that nursery practitioners understand each child’s family, culture and community. We can then use this knowledge meaningfully, supporting each child through the highest possible levels of care.

Parents are always welcome at The Old School House and are invited to join us on special days and events. You may also like to contribute to projects and activities that occur as part of our nursery life.

How you can get involved:

  • Stay and play

  • Join in with the children and staff at our nursery allotment in the village

  • We would love you to share with us your talents and interests, please chat to us about this

  • Home learning activity bags

  • Gather resources with your children

  • Social events e.g. sports day, Christmas play, parties, fun days

  • Contribute to themed weeks activities – e.g. providing homemade food for a healthy
    eating week stall or reading a story to the children for book week

  • Attending parents evenings and discussions

  • Supporting sponsored events and charity weeks

  • Suggesting activities, contributing to planning and sharing your child’s interests.









 We can’t thank you enough. It’s been great to see Lucas get so much enjoyment out of all the activities you have provided. Special mentions go to the forest school with Rachael, learning French with Caroline, yoga and football with Steph, the winter play and sports day, just amazing!


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