Parent Communications

At OSHN we know it is critical to ensure excellent communications between parents and staff. It may be important to share policies and plans but it is equally important to inform parents of everyday activity and progress.

We have numerous ways of interacting, not least inviting parents and carers to visit and support us as well as both written and digital communications. 

A key benefit for communications is our bespoke ParentZone and you may like to watch the video on this page to find out more about this communications tool.

ParentZone will enable you to:

  • View descriptions, photos and video of every wow! moment - and add comments back for the nursery staff.

  • See what your child enjoys most at nursery - so you encourage even further development at home.

  • Upload your own pictures directly from your phone camera to contribute to your child's learning journey and bring alive interests outside nursery. Now everyone can share the same complete picture!

  • Request extra nursery sessions, check your bills or settle invoices straight from your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Capture Every Moment - and Share the Memories!