Mission and Values

Mission statement


  • That each day we have made a positive contribution to the development of each child

  • That our staff are empowered to make a genuine difference, and supported and developed so as to be confident in doing so

  • That through the relationships we have - with our parents, our partner schools, our local community groups and our networks be they village, county or countrywide – we are a positive contributor to our communities.


  • That we provide a safe and secure environment that our children, parents, staff and students can flourish in

  • That we ensure learning and development opportunities are maximized at all time through a variety of delivery methods

  • That our care does not stop at traditional boundaries, and that all factors of health and wellbeing, from nutrition and exercise to social and emotional wellbeing across our children, staff and families are fully supported.


  • That through robust research we continue to push the boundaries in the quality and breadth of the care and education we provide our children

  • That we champion this dynamism across our industry and beyond

  • That through our people, parents and partners we trial new methods and ideas of learning in the pursuit of educational excellence, ensuring that everyone is able to fulfill their potential achieving both success and wellbeing.






All members of staff in your nursery are excellent professionals and we have, and always will continue to recommend your nursery to other parents.


It never ceases to amaze me that your fantastic facilities are equally supported by innovative and dedicated staff teams who strive to provide the highest quality of care and education.

Assistant Principle, Cambridge Regional College

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