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The Old School House Nursery is an award winning nursery, providing a welcoming and stimulating environment for young children. Accredited as outstanding by both OfSted and IIP, the demand for places is high and the attraction for staff with ambition and imagination is unrivalled.

Our Story

Since its inception as a family run business over two decades ago, the Old School House Nursery has grown into a nationally recognised provider of early years care and education, with awards for quality, entrepreneurship and commitment to excellence.

The nursery building has been developed and extended over time to provide new facilities and to enable the ongoing training and staff development that is the hallmark of OSHN.

Whilst the nursery sits on the same site it always has, the building has grown to match the people, and OSHN currently offer places to a 110 children, having begun with just fifteen. When coupled with our growing team of dedicated staff, the nursery is a real hive of activity.

Our ambitious goals and expectations for our children and staff come from very simple values, and we will continue to live and breathe these. Whilst we will remain innovative in our approach, pioneering teaching methods and pushing the boundaries of conventional childcare in pursuit of excellence, our vision will always be mindful of the fundamental values of the service we provide to the children in our care, and the families we work with.


The consistently helpful staff make all the difference. It is just a wonderful experience.

Parent - 2015


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